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We offer the best gramophone brand for music fans. Acoustic gramophone is compatible with iPhone, Samsung and Huawei and all smartphones. Enjoy music with an acoustic gramophone wherever you want without the need for any power supply. Made from soil and produced for mobile phones, these gramophones came to life with the original idea of the 21st century and the invention of the 19th century. We offer the acoustic gramophone, which creates an aesthetically retro style atmosphere, in different colors and patterns according to taste. When placed in the cell phone to listen to music, the acoustic gramophone creates a loudspeaker effect. Enhancing the sound of music up to five times, the Wikimedia vintage concept takes acoustic gramophone power from acoustic principles. You will experience nostalgia as if you were listening to one of your favorite singers' gramophone records. It does not matter whether it is located on the top or bottom of the speaker. Compatible with all mobile phone models. These nostalgic acoustic gramophones will give your loved ones and you a unique music experience. Captivate your guests and loved ones with the acoustic gramophone. If you are considering the most special romantic gift to your sweetheart and loved ones Wikimedia vintage concept acoustic gramophone is for it. This unique product is waiting for you with vintage, antique, rosewood, copper, white, silver colors and models. In addition, with a small price difference, we make special patterns and colors for you. We ask you to specify this when ordering. This product, which is made with intensive labor, is completely ground and takes a long time to make. Your order may take a long time. So take yours today before it runs out of stock and we'll get you the safest way, as soon as possible. 
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Material100% clay red soil 
Width:20 cm 
Length: 35 cm

Please specify color and model in the order section.

Please specify color and model in the order section.

Note: Compatible for all mobile phone types. Please place the speaker part of your phone in the hopper.

Items are delivered within one week. However, due to excessive demand, this may be the second week.


Please allow 3 - 15 days for delivery to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and all European Union Countries.
Please allow 6 - 20 days for delivery to the rest of the world

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Acoustic Gramophone Speaker

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Wikimedia Vintage

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